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2021 Resume



                                     Derek Lewis Gray




Conjuring up interesting ideas and conveying them to diverse audiences in engaging ways – leaving lasting impressions.



Creative, high-energy, and innovative visionary with a verifiable record of success blending motivational leadership style with exceptional creative judgment to implement strategies that raise quality and style outcomes and drive audience engagement. Offering authority-level insight into the management of film and video projects from conception to completion, directing the production and leading editing efforts to create high-quality content. Relentless dedication to partnering cross-functionally in building a unified team action plan and ensuring that projects meet all milestones, deadlines, and budget requirements. Trademark for intuitively adapting to emerging and existing technologies, improving the production process. Solution-focused strategist recognized for constructing ‘out-of-the-box’, effective digital marketing strategies, and high-impact campaigns.





  • Video Production, Directing & Editing

  • Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution

  • Script Writing & Storyline Development

  • Pre & Post-Production Operations

  • Negotiations & Contract Administration

  • Production & Technology Integration

  • High-Performing Talent Acquisition

  • Creative Project Management

  • Marketing Campaigns & Promotions

  • Web/Social Media Content Creation

  • Financial Planning & Accountability

  • Stakeholder Collaboration & Liaison





Michael Lucas Productions – Baltimore, MD                                                                        2012 – Present

Writer, Director, Editor & Producer

Overview: Leverage extensive creative background to partner with internal and external teams and cross-functional partners, streamlining the process for creating high-quality content. Tasked with taking on diverse video projects and editing footage, cropping, blending, and syncing clips to produce high-quality pieces of work. Capitalize on a variety of digital technology through the incorporation of technology to improve production. Approve the design and financial aspects of production.


Highlights of Projects Managed:

Director & Editor – Let’s Talk Entertainment Web Series (2018 – Present)

  • Oversee editing of footage, reduction of 60-minute footages into 18 – 30 minutes per episode, ensuring color correction, and making sound adjustments as necessary.

  • Propel viewer anticipation and engagement for new episodes of the show by creating exceptional teaser videos and show highlights.

  • Defined the look and direction of the web series, joining forces with producer and executive producer.

  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership and people management abilities, simultaneously steering talent and crew in a fast-paced working environment.


Writer, Director & Producer – Letters From Sam (Feature Film) (Spring 2018 – Present)

  • Charged with managing story development, scriptwriting, directing, and editing, collaborating with the director of photography to ensure the picture matched the essence of the script.

  • Provide oversight for the financial outlook of the film, including negotiation and securing financing for the film and ensuring the on-time and on-budget completion of the film.

  • Recruit essential and best-fit cast and crew members, including gaffer, sound mixer, and makeup artist.

  • Spearhead social media advertisement and promotion following the completion of the movie.


Co-Writer, Director, Editor & Producer – Tool Booth (TV/Web Series) (Summer 2017 – Present)

  • Solicited to lead story development, scriptwriting, directing, and editing ¾ collaborating with co-writer to develop the storyline for the second season of the series.

  • Organized and hosted table reads for the cast in pre-production.

  • Mounted strategies to secure locations for shoots in alignment with the second season storylines.

  • Touted and epitomized excellence in financial planning and management, securing production financing and setting the budget for the production.

  • Strategized and executed the revamp of the show's content, hiring new staff writers and cinematography, leading to an increase in viewership from 400 at the end of season 1 to 10,000 by mid-season 2.


Writer, Director & Producer – 25 Years (Feature Film) (Fall 2012 – Spring 2015)

  • Selected to lead overall planning for the production, encompassing securing of locations and the development of schedule and budget for the film.

  • Supervised entire process of the film from conceptualization through production to post-production, including auditioning and hiring cast and crew.

  • Played an instrumental role in leading story development, scriptwriting, directing, and editing.


Toyota Financial Services – Owings Mills, MD                                                               2016 – Present

Supervisor, Department Training Curriculum

  • Brought onboard to serve as the project manager, overseeing the creation, development, and deployment of departmental training curriculum for new employees.

  • Forged partnerships with peers at supervisory levels to continue the improvement of the curriculum, training delivery methods, and timeframes.

  • Cultivated and nurtured effective work relationships with management, staff, and stakeholders.

  • Championed launch of training curriculum; creating the project timeline, identifying stakeholders, developing deadlines, and assembling subject matter experts to aid launch.

  • Assigned to create a 30-minute corporate presentation for the company’s headquarters in Texas.

  • Drove a 50% increase in attendance to the company’s town hall meetings by writing and editing a town hall comedic sketch.




Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL


Bachelor of Science (Communications)

Bowie State University, Bowie, MD



Cable TV Award for Best Comedy & Best Series – Live & Direct (2005, 2006, 2007)

Telly Award for Best Cinematography – Toll Booth (2017)

Telly Award for Best Writing – Toll Booth (2018)

Baltimore Best Series Award at New Media Web Fest – Toll Booth (2019)

Capital City Web Award for Best Series, Best

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