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Derek Lewis Gray is a screenwriter who often writes meta-rom-coms. Although he is not satisfied with simply telling the boy meets girl narrative in in his work, some of his biggest inspirations come from work by Nora Ephron, the famous screenwriter who recreated the way rom-coms are presented to the audience. His forthcoming feature film that he has written and directed, is Letters from Sam,  a witty comedy about a romance novelist whom after receiving a letter intended for a man's ex-wife, begins an unconventional relationship with him that brings chaos and confusion to her personal and professional life. 

In addition to screenwriting, Derek works in many other media formats such as novels, web series, short stories and feature films. 

Derek currently serves as head writer and producer for the web series Toll Booth, which recently won a Bronze Telly Award for best writing in a drama series and is a Capital Web Awards Nominee for best series and writing. Just recently the show has been named Official Selection for the Baltimore Web Fest Awards for best writing in a web series. He has an MFA from Full Sail University and has currently begun work on a new short film titled Father's Day, which will be released this December.

He lives in the Baltimore area with his wife, two boys, two dogs, his mom and mother-in-law. It's almost is like if Full House was made up of black people.



When Sam Kyle accidentally receives a letter intended for Ethan Miller's ex-wife, she begins an unconventional relationship with him which ends up complicating her professional and personal life. 

Web Series 2017 - Present

After the passing of her father, Maya Caldwell leaves the hustle of New York City and returns to her hometown of Waterview, Maryland, a small coastal town just outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

the lightworkers.jpg
Web Series 2017

Tony King's  life has been put in turmoil after a string of personal losses. After a reoccurring dream pushes him to seek for answers regarding his life, he meets Kate Foster, a mysterious woman with the ability to communicate with angels and the light and darkness that lies in us all. Kate comes with answers regarding not only Tony's life but the fate of humanity as we know it.


After a near-death experience brings Jordan Lyles face to face with someone he believes is his future wife, Jordan goes on a mission to find her, the mystery woman who saved his life. Then Jordan meets Sage Taylor. He’s convinced she is the woman God promised to him. The only problem is Sage’s own past—a past so hard she has trouble believing that true love and God exist. 


Mark and Drew Anderson weren’t born brothers, but for two boys who had lost so much, so young, their parents union meant they would have an unbreakable bond of brotherhood, love and support through each other for their rest of their lives. The week of their parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, however events within the family occur that threaten to tear them apart.


A twist of fate throws the lives of Griffin, Lana and Rachel into a collision course of lies, betrayal, love and redemption while posing the question: Are we destined to be with one person or another? Or does one curve decide where we end up? The answer could be a matter of life or death.

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